Feature Staff David

I’ve been drawing personalized floor plans for the real estate industry for over 3 years. In that time I have measured almost 1000 homes.

Having over 4 years drafting experience, I was fortunate to team up with The Real Estate Products Group to offer my services as part of a photography and floor plan marketing package. Since then I have measured everything from small one bedroom units to over 1000m2 homes.

No matter how big or small the unit, home or industrial site, the same amount of expertise and attention to detail is taken to show potential buyers what they might be buying. No stone is left unturned when I’m measuring. An extract I like from a John McGrath book is below;

Floor plans are a great way to show people how your house is laid out. It gives buyers a reason to hold onto your brochure. It lets them start planning their new home before they have even bought it. It gets them excited and helps sell your house.

I look forward to speaking to you and hearing your feedback.

David Ferraz

e: david@therealestateproductsgroup.com.au
m: 0439 365730