First impressions are so important. Buyers make a decision about your house in 90 seconds and only spend on average 6 minutes looking at your house.

What is Home Staging or Property Styling ?

Home Stagers or Property Stylers maximize your homes appeal and value to prospective buyers. Basically it’s decorating your home to sell quickly and for top dollar $$$.

Home stagers prepare your house so it is more appealing to multiple people. It’s creating a “Look” that sells...

Home stagers can objectively view your home. There are many tricks of the trade we can advise on or complete on your behalf. When a house is up for sale you are “Designing to sell” not “Designing to live”.


Would you like to sell your property quickly ?
Staged houses spend on average 50% less time on the Real estate market.

Would you like to get top dollar for your property ?
In the current Real estate market most sellers usually drop the price of their property at least once if not more than once. The cost of home staging is far less than the initial drop in your sale price. Get the competitive edge over other similar houses for sale.
Home staging increases property value on average by 6%. E.g. If a house sold for $400,000 it could have sold for $425,000 if staged.

Services Provided

  • Furniture rearrangement and removal
  • Furniture rentals and storage
  • Styling and Accessorising
  • Paint colour analysis
  • Contractor recommendations
  • Decluttering
  • Repair recommendations
  • Lighting analysis

Using our home staging skills we can move a buyer from looking at your house to evaluating whether it could be their new home.

'Top Ten Tips' when selling your Property

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