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George Prentoski - The Cinematographer

I've loved photography, film & videography since I was 14 when I started getting into BMX and skateboarding. I'm an OCD magazine collecter and still have the very first magazines I ever bought. I saw the photographs and had no understanding of how they were lit or composed, I just really loved them.

I took up photography in high school, and then persued studying Screen & Graphic design when I graduated. Photography and Videography isn't just the act of pressing the shutter button and hoping for the best, it telling a story, it's what you see and have seen, it's what you've learned along the way as an artist.

I can't wait to meet you to share my love of film making when making your next property video.

George Prentoski

e: george@therealestateproductsgroup.com.au
p: 4226 3931